I’m Jacqueline Hooton

Personal Trainer, MNU Certified Nutritionist and Fitness Tutor. I work from Her Garden Gym, in Bognor Regis, home to my Personal Training and Nutrition Consultation services for women.

I work exclusively with female clients seeking optimal health and wellbeing, by providing fitness and activity coaching, with tailored exercise prescription, alongside nutrition counselling and dietary advice.

Specialising in Health, Fitness and Nutrition for Women

Her Garden Gym, my boutique studio in Bognor Regis, is a safe, supportive and non-judgemental space where women engage in personal training sessions, nutrition counselling, and expert advice to optimise health and wellbeing.

I aim to help you discover how exercise and movement can be enjoyable and sustainable, as well as deliver evidence based nutrition advice specific to your needs. I provide coaching on female centric health issues, including pregnancy and the postnatal period, the peri to post menopause years, osteoporosis and bone density, pelvic floor weakness, and cognitive function. I also have extensive experience, and the necessary qualifications, to train women affected by a wide range of health issues, underlying medical conditions, and muscular skeletal injuries.

My approach is about empowering you, through knowledge, education and support. Giving you the confidence, and understanding, to select beneficial options to advance your health and fitness.

Together we will focus on adding life to your years and years to your life!

Specialising in Health, Fitness and Nutrition for Women

Her Garden Gym:

Personal Training Studio and Nutrition Consultation Practice

Her Garden Gym is my private, home based, studio. It is fully equipped with a range of cardiovascular machines, weights and training accessories for one-to-one or small group training. Female strength and conditioning, pre and post-natal exercise, managing the menopause, and Pilates are just a few of the many training options. Her Garden Gym also incorporates outdoor training space and equipment, alongside a purpose built summerhouse where nutrition consultations take place, as well as relaxation and flexibility sessions.

At Her Garden Gym you will often find fresh flowers in the studio, you can chose to listen to music during your personal training session, or enjoy the sound of birdsong from the garden instead. You can wear anything you like that feels comfortable, free from fear of judgment. For one hour of your day everything will be all about YOU.

During milder weather training sessions take place in the garden or on the beach, promoting the positive mental and physical health benefits of spending time outside in a natural environment.

The seclusion of Her Garden Gym, coupled with the outside facilities, summerhouse, and nearby beach, promotes a holistic approach to fitness, health and well-being.

Her Garden Gym

Personal Training for Women

I love helping women become healthier and feel more vibrant through physical activity, exercise and good nutrition. I offer a range of different training packages depending on your health and fitness goals.

All the packages I offer begin with a full needs analysis and health screening. During this initial consultation we will explore your health and fitness aspirations to identify the best strategy to address your specific needs. I’ll help expand your understanding on key issues that may impact your health, performance or function, educating and empowering you with knowledge. Personal training provides you with accountability as well as support every step of the way, enabling you to make beneficial choices towards your long term goals. Whether you want to lose weight, feel happier in your own body, get stronger for day to day life or improve your general health, I aim to make the process enjoyable and uplifting.

Personal Training for Women

Nutrition Counselling for Women

As a MNU Certified Nutritionist from world renowned Mac Nutrition Uni I offer an evidence based nutrition counselling service for women who want to lose body fat, start a family, perform better in sport or athletic pursuits, or simply want to improve general health and wellbeing.

Whether you are looking for nutritional advice essential to pre conception and pregnancy, to escape a lifetime of yo-yo dieting, on managing the menopause better, or are affected by conditions such as Diabetes Mellitus or PCOS, I can support you through recommending optimal nutritional strategies.

After careful analysis of your specific needs, any advice you receive from me will be based on the best and most current research available. My role is to educate and empower you during the consultation process, tailoring a nutrition plan that suits you and your lifestyle.

Nutrition Counselling for Women

About Me

I’ve enjoyed a long and varied career in the health and fitness industry which has included working with numerous clients, presenting at industry events, and teaching hundreds of fitness students. I’m a keen runner and have taken part in many races including two London marathons. I also enjoy strength training and have previously competed as a female figure athlete.

I design educational content and deliver fitness courses for leading industry training provider Future Fit Training. In 2015 I created WIFE (Women in Fitness Empowerment) Events for professional women working in fitness, and have spoken and presented at major fitness events including FitPro Live.

I’ve appeared on BBC’s The One Show, BBC South Today, BBC Sussex and Spirit FM and I have been featured in, and written articles for, many national newspapers and magazines including The Independent and The Huffington Post.

I’m a mum of five gorgeous grown-up children, and a grandmother. Now in my fifties my health, fitness and nutrition remains very important to me and my family, who continue to depend on me for love, support and guidance. I’m especially interested in optimising health, performance and function for midlife women and beyond. I continue to research, study and add further qualifications to my extensive fitness and nutrition knowledge in order to provide the most up to date and cutting edge service to my clients.

In my leisure time I enjoy spending time on Felpham and Bognor Regis beach walking, running or cycling and photographing sunsets and sunrises.

About Me

Contact Jacqueline

For further information please use the contact form below or email hello@jacquelinehooton.co.uk, I look forward to helping you on your fitness journey and welcoming you to Her Garden Gym