Reflex Nutrition’s NEW Instant Whey PRO launch

Reflex Nutrition's NEW Instant Whey PRO launch

Sports supplements play an important part in my training goals. The right nutrition and supplements are vital for recovery, growth and well-being as well as helping to maximize performance. I represent Reflex Nutrition as a Brand Ambassador and so I’ve been lucky to receive the first batch of the new Instant Whey PRO reformulated with new ingredients. It still contains 80% protein with the use of Native Whey but in addition it now has 4 types of friendly bacteria plus a 25% increase in Digezyme.

There are 9 different flavours to choose from in total including Cinnamon Vanilla Roll and Banana and Custard! To coincide with the launch Reflex Nutrition have partnered with Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment and the release of The Wolverine. There are lots of prizes and samples to win along with one amazing prize winner who will fly out to Australia to train with Wolverine’s Personal Trainer Mike Ryan!

The flavour I was sent to try out was the new Strawberries and Cream and you can see my video review here. Having satisfied myself with the science behind a product, and the raw ingredients, the two most important questions for me are how does it mix and how does it taste. I love the way the Instant Whey PRO mixes, so no lumps and a smooth satin like texture. When it comes to taste and flavour again this is outstanding. I love the Strawberries and Cream but as I have a weakness for chocolate and peanut butter I can’t wait to try the Choc-Peanut Butter flavour soon!