Models of Diversity and a message for the fitness industry

Models of Diversity and a message for the fitness industry

I’ve taken to the catwalk for a second time in two months as part of the campaign Models of Diversity. This time the catwalk show took part in the exciting and busy presence of the general public visiting the Ideal Home Christmas show. I was extremely lucky to walk for three different designers wearing lingerie from    a stunning evening gown from I Love Four Seasons and a bandage dress from

It was a fabulous experience but more important than my personal enjoyment is the way MOD is changing and challenging my view of the world. In the fitness industry and the competing world we are very wrapped up in the ‘body beautiful’ syndrome and yet I have always known that real beauty is found in the heart. What I have discovered in MOD is a shared sense of purpose to bring greater acceptance, understanding and appreciation of people who challenge our idea of ‘beauty’.

We perpetuate the myth that anybody can achieve the body of their dreams in the fitness industry and the ‘dream body’ is nearly always athletic, toned, muscular and with low body fat. With so much emphasis on the aesthetics and an industry that sells ‘drop a dress size by Christmas’ and ‘Burn fat fast’ we sustain the ‘Your body is a battleground’ mentality.

How wrong is this?! Battling with your body, the very place where you need harmony is nothing short of crazy!

So Models of Diversity has left me questioning if I’m part of the problem or part of the solution.

In truth I think I’m a bit of both.

As part of the fitness industry I do need to play my part in bringing people to a ‘healthy’ lifestyle and promoting ‘health and performance’ as the goal over aesthetics has to be the way forward.

Lending my support and backing to the MOD campaign I will continue to challenge the notion that beauty is one dimensional.

The campaign is saying so much more than we need models that represent diversity in our society on the catwalk and in magazines. Its saying we VALUE diversity in our society and whether that’s on the catwalk, on a shop till or on the board of directors everyone can contribute.