Models of Diversity – A Christmas Catwalk!

Models of Diversity - A Christmas Catwalk!

Models of Diversity are about to hit the runway again at the Ideal Home Christmas Show and all the models taking part know they are part of something special. Our campaign led by founder Angel Sinclair, a former model, is about challenging the typical stereotype view on what a model should be. We reject the notion that only the very young, very slim, very beautiful and very ‘perfect’ are capable of being models and we believe consumers are behind us. We want to see diversity in our society reflected by diversity on the catwalks, in magazines and in the media.

This week alone has seen a shift in recognition that diversity is not only acceptable but welcome. Boden have become the first retailer to use a child model who has cerebral palsy, what an amazing and ground breaking decision to break away from the typical able-bodied and ‘angelic’ stereotype child model. Debenhams have become the first major high street retailer to introduce size 16 mannequins, a departure from the size 10’s that dominate shops and an acknowledgment that the average UK woman is now a size 16.

So why does diversity matter and aren’t we just a bunch of hopeless misfits who wouldn’t be on the catwalk under any other circumstances?

Well yes diversity does matter because the notion that only the very young, very slim, very beautiful and very ‘perfect’ pervades all aspects of our everyday life. Equal opportunities, diversity and inclusion are at the heart of employment law and yet inequality, uniformity and exclusion persist. So whether it’s on the till at Tesco, on the board of Directors or on the catwalk we say diversity DOES matter because everyone does have value and everyone can contribute.

However, don’t make the mistake of imagining that Models of Diversity are any less professional or accomplished than models you might normally expect to see gracing a catwalk. The amazing team of MOD’s who will be taking part in the Ideal Home Christmas show catwalks have modelled and appeared in magazines, newspapers, commercials, books, music videos, films and television, and even the opening of the 2012 Paralympic Games.

For more information on Models of Diversity and the campaign please visit the website.