Kettlebell Coaching


Jacqueline is a qualified kettlebell coach and has worked and perfected her knowledge with two eminent and respected trainers. One of the first UK trainers to qualify Jacqueline worked with the late Angie Dowds, before attending and qualifying as an IKFF Kettlebell Coach with internationally respected kettlebell master Steve Cotter.

Training with kettlebells is a fast and effective method to burn fat, increase strength and conditioning and improve flexibility. A kettlebell is an ideal training tool for anyone looking to workout at home as it takes up minimal space and sessions offer a whole body approach to training.

Jacqueline has introduced numerous clients to the benefits of kettlebell coaching both in a class situation and through her one-to-one work. She was also the course author, researcher and designer of the first Kettlebell Trainer courses in Future Fit Training.

Kettlebells is just one of the training tools on offer for Jacqueline’s clients coming to Her Garden Gym for training.