Fashion Modelling – Have I Got What it Takes?

Fashion Modelling - Have I Got What it Takes?

I was given the most amazing opportunity to shoot with fashion photographer of the year Oliver Morris recently. It was a test shoot organized through Angel Sinclair and Models of Diversity. Oliver is used to working with models of the highest calibre alongside a team of stylists, hair and make-up artists but this was just me and him. So this was a ‘test’ of my ability to deliver what is required from a fashion model and to see if Oliver feels I am someone he could work with.

I am learning that fashion modelling is poles apart from the familiar ground of training, fitness posing and photo shoots. The ‘hard’ look face and body doesn’t translate well into fashion photography. Years spent wearing the ‘death stare’ mask in the gym can’t be unlearned in an afternoon! Oliver wants something more from his models and unsurprisingly I struggled to grasp exactly what that was. Generously Oliver has allowed me to share this one image as I have yet to prove myself worthy of his abilities.

This I am sure of though. The relationship between a photographer and model is key and now that Oliver and I have started a dialogue I believe we will continue. One day I hope to prove myself worthy of his considerable talent. In the meantime I will study my craft with the same determination that I hit 175% bodyweight deadlifts in the gym with!

The message is simple, watch this space!!!