ElliptiGO Training Comes to Bognor Regis!

ElliptiGO Training Comes to Bognor Regis!

I would rather walk, run or cycle anywhere than drive, get on a train or fly! It’s not always practical to avoid these forms of transport but whenever possible I opt for ‘me’ power, which is not only better for the environment but benefits my health, fitness and well-being.

About three years ago I was unable to walk or run any great distance due to plantar fasciitis, a typical runner’s injury. During this time, I revisited my love of cycling, and took to my traditional Dutch bike again whenever I could. My injury proved resistant to conservative treatments and eventually I had no choice but to undergo invasive surgery and a procedure known as a ‘Steindler release’. Rehabilitation took some time but eventually I was able to run again pain free. However, although I had kept up with various forms of training during my time injured my running ‘fitness’ had definitely suffered.

If only I had known about ElliptiGO training at this time I would have invested in one straight away because now I am discovering what a versatile and brilliant option this is. The first ElliptiGO was developed in 2005 by Bryan, a former Marine and Ironman triathlete who lost the ability to run for exercise. Forming a partnership with friend Brent, an accomplished endurance athlete and mechanical engineer, they created the first elliptical bike prototype. By 2010 they were selling the first commercially available elliptical bikes the ElliptiGO and the rest is history.

This summer I leapt at the chance to get hold of my own ElliptiGO, not just for personal use but for my clients benefit too, and joined the customer representative team. We have the perfect environment and climate, which facilitates outdoor training, for much of the year on the South Coast. Local roads are quieter than busy towns and cities and many routes also support a relatively safe cycling experience. Bognor Regis is often listed as one of the sunniest places in the UK and combined with our long expanse of wide promenade, which cyclists can use carefully alongside pedestrians, we have an ideal location for ElliptiGO training.

So what are the real advantages and why should you consider either purchasing your own ElliptiGO or joining me in a training session?

These are the things I have discovered so far since getting my ElliptiGO

1. It’s FUN! It really is an exhilarating experience riding an ElliptiGO. I defy anyone not to feel incredibly joyous and happy whilst on one!
2. The views are great. Standing upright on the ElliptiGO the riding position is considerably higher than when seated on a bike. This makes for greater visibility both for seeing and being seen.
3. It’s FUN! Small children stop, point and say ‘Wow mummy look at that bike’. Perfect strangers call out ‘I love your bike’ or ‘That looks fantastic’. It’s a great way of talking to people and enjoying more human interaction.
4. It’s hard but effective. In studies it’s been shown that ElliptiGO training requires 33% more effort than cycling, making it on par with a running workout.
5. But it’s still FUN! Although it requires more effort the ElliptiGO allows low impact training, putting less stress on joints and the lower back with its upright position.
6. The stand-up position engages the core and upper body as well as the lower body.
7. It’s really good fun and I want another one! I’m definitely hooked and as soon as it’s feasible I’m getting another ElliptiGO so that I can do more partner and small group training.
8. Did I mention it’s FUN?! You can watch a short clip of me riding on the seafront here.

The ElliptiGO will allow me to continue to offer clients the best of both worlds when training. With an indoor stand we can build your confidence on the striding motion before heading outside. We can stay indoors when the worst of the weather strikes, and we can combine ElliptiGO training with all the other strength and conditioning tools and equipment I have in my studio to deliver a truly effective training experience.

For those not looking for Personal Training sessions but considering purchasing an ElliptiGO, demo sessions can also be arranged.

Please feel free to contact me for more information about the ElliptiGO, to book your first session or for other training options.

Please Note: All clients will be required to wear a protective helmet, high visibility vest, suitable attire and receive a full induction before using the ElliptiGO for the first time.